Talk Daihatsu Terios New Models in Indonesia

Already 10 years Harga Daihatsu Terios diving debut in Indonesia. However, since 2006, the twin of the Toyota Rush has never experienced a drastic change, but simply rombakan light.

Although not yet known when the birth of the figure of most new Terios, but in Gaikindo exhibition Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) last year, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) featuring FT Concept, which is predicted as the successor to Terios. So when FT Concept will be present?

In response, the Corporate Planning Division Head PT ADM Rudy Ardiman states, until now the car ever on display at the auto show last year it was still a concept, not yet known when it will be made of mass production.

Said Rudy, Daihatsu is still looking for a desirable choice of consumers as well as companies. If the consumer wishes are fulfilled, then the process will be carried out a market test and development.

"Development itself was between two to three years. Now in the process was. Like what is the process? Do not know yet, "Rudy said when talking with

Meanwhile, when displaying FT GIIAS Concept in 2015, Director of Marketing of ADM, Amelia Tjandra said although FT Concept reap the survey results are positive, but Daihatsu will first do some other phases.

"Design engineering, prototyping, testing, and finally mass production. So, before that stage, well actually so or not (produced), we do not know," said Amel.

Amel is also said to make the car, from the design to the sale, the process can not be arbitrary. He pointed at the stage of engineering design, required complex calculations, from the shape and installation of machinery. It is of course so that the machine can actually be applied to the car.


Honda Civic Wonder alerts 1985 still claimed 0 km

 If you hear a car alerts the 1980s with "low km", may still make sense. But when it was discovered the Honda Civic 3rd generation alerts 1985 (in Indonesia called Civic "Wonder") hatchback sold in state 0 km, if you believe then?

Can he could not. What is clear, the car was still smooth plastered the auction site Kijiji, a site affiliated with eBay Canada. Interestingly, in addition has not been used at all, the car is also a Civic production to 500,000 in the world (based on a sticker on the body and bonnet).

How can the crumpled car for 29 years without moving? The story of the seller, the car is off the unit is in one of the Honda showroom in Canada. When showrooms redecorated, there is no place for him and stored elsewhere.

In just three days, the Honda Civic Wonder is no longer appear on the site. Whether it was sold or in other ways, with a clear price of 7,200 US dollars (USD 85 million), mint condition and without disabilities, the car is very cheap to go home to the garage, especially for collectors.

However, the cheap price it also raises a question mark. The conditions were very fresh and rare, why not sell more expensive? Rekayasakah? There is no data to answer this question. But if viewed from the interior neat and smooth, and the engine clean, could be a car that is still "virgin" is true.


Spare parts for Daihatsu Zebra still produced

Daihatsu Zebra is one of the most demanded product in Indonesian society. Although Toyota has no longer marketed the car, but the parts are still available.

"Spare parts for Zebra still produced, it can be said is still quite full," said Ahmad Syaufy, service parts division head of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM).

In fact, continued Syaufy, spare parts are not only available in Daihatsu genuine parts only, but also in Daihatsu Value Part.

"For Zebra we've got some spare parts such as torque. Although not the item maintenance period, but whose names torque and lower arm that's a definite time wear. After 10 years should be replaced. The price is affordable at all," added Syaufy.

ADM began introducing Zebra in Indonesia in 1994 replaced the Daihatsu Hijet. Zebra first model equipped with a 1300 cc engine. Over time, Daihatsu continues to do a refresher on the sliding door car. Variants of the engine is increased, there is a capacity of 1600 cc.

Since it was first rolled, Zebra is available in two versions of the pickup and passenger vehicles tangible minibus. In 2007 Daihatsu Zebra decided to stop production. Then the position was replaced by Daihatsu Gran Max pickup for Zebra and Luxio for passenger cars.


Fixing Cars Scratched Paint

Scratches, splinters, and all kinds of defects on the car body is not easily avoided, but with the improvements carefully all the 'defects' such that almost can be covered perfectly. Here's how to fix the paint on your car case of scratches deeper than just a scratch on the surface.

In the reality of everyday life, is hard to avoid the many causes around us that can leave scratches on the paint our cars. There are kids who play even leaned the bike in the car, not to mention the occasional pet-claw mencaka. And not only caused by others, sometimes even we could inscribe themselves had the car keys to the body.
Doing repainted is not the solution that is cheap to repair scratches, but also repair some of the panel is not the right choice for the new paint will look different from the existing paint to see, even going so funny looks.

But fortunately, some minor damage to the paint the car as it still can be fixed easily by doing a retouch. Fewer job requires precision and caution may be able to hide the damage it perfectly.

Determining the Right Conditions

Before you remove the equipment retouch, consider first how paint damage you're facing. If it still looks like there are thin white layer, may scratch it has not penetrated the outermost layers of paint and still be addressed by means of 'stip pencil'.

But if the look, the color of its body or its metal look, this is a deeper scratches. Apart from the problem that, never did repair the paint when the temperature around you uncomfortable. Because the paint will be difficult to stick, drying is less good or fade kilapnya.Temperatur ideal for paint repair process is preferably between 20 ° C to 30 ° C. Find a place sheltered from the wind and direct sunlight. Better yet, if indoors, or at least existing carport roof. Relative humidity less than 60 percent, or thereabouts. The mixture used for drying paint would make the surface of the panel to be cold when dried, and can lead to condensation on the surface of the panel. And of course, it will degrade the quality of the results.

If it was not the car that is older than 20 years, or a car that never repainted, almost dipartikan using enamel paint coated catalyst nodes. Its surface is hardened with certain chemicals, where the cat will quickly stabilize in a few hours after the factory.

Meanwhile, we want to apply the paint, whether it basecoat, color, or paint coating is transparent, everything is fluid. Materials liquid paint can dry out because of the mixed solution can evaporate, leaving the solid materials. Perhaps this paint will feel hard and can be sanded down in a few moments after being sprayed, but he also will continue munyusut until completely dry. Allow the paint to dry approximately semalem, let the cat shrink before adding the next layer of paint. If you need some layers to cover up defects in the paint, the best are working on one layer per day. And to make it more secure, make sure you use a process has good ventilation.

Supposedly, in your car is no information on the color code is used, most of these color codes are listed on the VIN barcode. But if you do not find this information on your car, you can contact the call center or customer service your car.

Fixing Berets on a layer Transparent. Such cases are relatively mild cases, that is to say, the beret is not to slough off layers of the original color or original color still visible. Here you may only need a little spray on a layer of transparency, coupled with a little compound to clear debris from the process of adding layers and flattening it.

Step 1
Chad Hunt
Clean the surface first of dirt there. You also use solasi paper taped around the surface is scratched, especially if you fix it is chrome-colored components. Perform cleaning by using a compound that is poured on a soft cloth or microfibre cloth or a special pad to scrub the surface.
Step 2
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Poleslah in the scratched area and then wipe with a dry cloth. Then check whether it has been clean of dirt? If not, the compound can be repeated again. Kalem-calm, rub komponnya, so as not transparent layer was not lost. Then check again, if the stroke is still there or has been lost.
Scratch fix the base layer / Primer Scratch

If the scratches her deeper, meaning that the original color also has been chipped, possibly even visible is metal, it will need paint with colors that exactly match the car color. The procedure is basically used to fix the paint, can be by brush or spray on that layer, then sanded. It may be necessary to repeat this process until the stroke is not visible scars.

Do not do this process, without primer, paint menempul body can not properly, or may even cause rust.

Step 1
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Clean the panel with a solution for cleaning grease and wax. Perform additional primer on the part of the beret it carefully. You may not be able to avoid the paint of the paint that originally, this was not a problem, but you still have to be careful so that no paint is wasted.

Step 2
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Let the paint is added in step 1 dries well, at least overnight. Next, use a rubber or sponge beam as abrasive pads, do wet sanding paper or a sanding brush number 600 rub dry with paper numbers 1000 to average and no patches of old paint around the stroke. Perform only slowly, while you clean the area and also check the results gosokannya gosokannya.
Step 3
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Rub using the compound to restore luster faded in areas that are being repaired. It will maintain the scrubbed area is closer to the original.

Step 4
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During the repair, it could be no trace of spots left. Add more paint, until part of the beret and filled evenly with the surrounding parts. The latter compound, it may be able to restore luster as the original. Do not polished up for 30 days, so that its paint thinner can evaporate completely exhausted.

Adding a layer of transparent

Well .. if you've sanding penetrate the transparent layer or during repair deep scratches, then a layer of transparency need to be added again. Layers of transparent paint can be bought in many places, but do not select the 'clear enamel' because it usually is not even fit. Choose a transparent paint which is intended for the vehicle paint.
Here's how the application so as not smeared and did not spread to the whole.
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Step 1
Clean the surface first with oil and wax cleanser. Small holes in a piece of paper, to prevent the spread of spray. The surrounding area is still ori can be covered using newspapers and masking tape.
 Step 2
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Hold the paper by a distance of a few centimeters from the area to be sprayed, and started doing spray thinly. Dry paint her. If the paint on paper looks lumpy, it means too much spraying. Likewise, if looks like wet.
After this spray, let her paint dries.

Step 3
Rub the paintwork is dry using a paper rub number 600 or 1000, it could be wet to dry, in all parts of the affected new paint. This step is important to flatten the surface layer of transparency to the original layer, and also to maintain a fixed area in order not to widen if you want to add another layer of paint it. Because, repair paint like this, where the process can leave scars komponnya like polished smooth, so it should repeat the process to cover it. Perform this process is being repeated at least two layers, and do it within 24 hours between layers one and the next.


All New Honda Odyssey Was Born

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) is gearing up for the latest generation of luxury cars Honda Odyssey is reportedly now get some extra new features in it. The presence of advanced technology embedded on New Honda Odyssey is claimed will provide comfort and safety in driving for the driver and passengers.

The Honda Indonesia alone has ensured that the launch of the latest luxury car is going to be next month. Although already crowded reported that this variant has a new feature, but unfortunately the HPM itself is still reluctant to divulge what new technologies are on the cabin space later.

Actually in January, HPM has released All-New Honda Odyssey is the fifth generation and at the moment it is already equipped with some high-tech features for example LED Rear Combination, LED Daytime Running Light, Sunroof Active Cornering Light, Outer Courtesy Light, Front Fog Lamp , Sid Sill, LED High Mount Stop Lamp and many more.

In addition there is also a new twist on the front grille and bumper are now made more dynamic. Not quite there only the most attractive car of the premium MPV is a feature of Auto Leveling Headlight, Auto headlight and equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels for the 2.4L type Prestige and 16 inches for the standard 2.4L type.

Turning to the cabin space, especially the second row seats are now using the model of King and Queen are equipped with advanced technologies such as a cradle seat, seatback folding inward, feel soft sofa and ottoman. Such a feature is embedded in order to provide more comfort for passengers. The second bench can also be positioned in accordance with the tastes of each passenger because it can be moved forward and backward, or even can also sideways.

There are also 3 Zone Auto air conditioner that can regulate the temperature in three different areas and passenger comfort became more complete as it can feel the breeze from the desired direction. Interestingly premium car is equipped with side Sunshade on the rear glass and roof monitors located on the second and third row seats.

While it's own kitchen spur New Honda Odyssey carrying capacity of 2.4 liter DOHC i-VTEC engine that can generate power to reach 175 PS at 6,200 rpm rotation and 23 kg m torque at 4,000 rpm. The machine is then combined well with variable timing and lift system electric control that serves to regulate the performance of intabe valve so as to regulate the dispensing of fuel more efficiently while still producing great power.

But no word on how much the price of a Honda Odyssey which will be equipped with a variety of new features and for more details, again we wait for further developments at the time of its release laterHaving previously caught on camera in the street, now we get the official image of the new Honda Odyssey MPV will be launched in Japan in February. From the pictures, it appears that the newest Honda Odyssey comes with a luxurious character synonymous with premium family car products. This is seen in some parts like the large grille that does not exist in previous generations.

For cardiac pacemaker itself, the Honda Odyssey latest comes with an engine capacity of 2.4 liter K24W four-cylinder engine capable of producing 129 kW / 140 kW / 136 kW (173 hp / 188 hp / 182 hp) and torque of 225 Nm / 237 Nm / 235 Nm. And in the next month when the latest version was launched, the Japanese manufacturer will also present a new hybrid version called 'Sport Hybrid' system. This new technology combines features of i-MMD (Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) and Earth Dreams technology. For the fuel consumption alone is said to reach 14 km / liter in JC08 test cycle (Absolute variant, front-wheel drive, the version 8 passengers) for the version of the conventional engine, while the hybrid version with a consumption of 26 km / liter.

For now there is still no information on whether harga Honda Odyssey Honda hybrid is available to overseas markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. As for the North American market does not need to be asked for the latest generation of Odyssey Do not glide there. But for the North American market specification fifth-generation 2017 Honda Odyssey that slid this year may come with a hybrid version and will be the main competitor of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid PHEV.